Urban Living Futures announces first 20 innovators selected to join UPPlift: Toronto Smart City Pilot Platform

TORONTO March 22, 2018 – Urban Living Futures today announced the first 20 innovators selected for the inaugural cohort of the UPPlift: Toronto Urban Pilot Platform. The selected innovators will have the opportunity to work with UPPlift partners Microsoft, QuadReal Property Group, the City of Toronto and Intel to refine their ideas and leverage their technology to maintain Toronto’s liveability as the city grows and demands more from our built environment.

The UPPlift: Toronto platform launched at the beginning of the year to support an ongoing movement to transform the city into a tech-enabled model of sustainable urban living. The platform is an evolving ecosystem that matches cities and city-based companies with smart city solutions to accelerate change and improve urban centres around the world. Multiple technology partners and multiple test-beds offer innovators a range of opportunities to improve and trial their innovations.

“We were extremely impressed by both the quantity and the quality of submissions,” said Mikele Brack, Founder and CEO of Urban Living Futures and creator of the UPPlift platform. “It is inspiring to see how many innovators across Canada are working on forward-thinking solutions for sustainable urban living, and how many of them are ready to pilot.”

The selected innovators will join a five-week program that includes workshops with UPPlift partners, and professional support from other sponsors. At the end of the program, innovators will present a tailored business plan that addresses a specific use case and 5 to 8 innovations will be invited to pilot. Selected innovators are eligible for up to $25,000 to cover pilot costs from the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) and a Start Up Program of legal services from Fasken.

The inaugural cohort is focused on solutions that deliver long-term sustainability and resource efficiency, and improve tenant/resident experiences within existing Toronto properties. Proposed solutions leverage a diverse range of technologies and applications, including the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence and are all designed to enhance the modern urban living experience.

The twenty innovators in the first cohort include:

Digitized data stream used to count people, space usage, advertisement impact, automate parking space, and individual parking space management without sensors.

Binners Junk Removal
Junk removal app focused on continuously organizing and simplifying item removal and sustainable disposal.

Bosch Canada
In-store retail analytics for real-time customer traffic data allowing brick and mortar stores to compete more effectively in a digital world.

Eddy Home
Intelligent leak protection and water monitoring through smart products that offer a comprehensive water management system that protects, controls, and conserves water.

Operational intelligence platform for water and wastewater facilities to make informed, real-time decisions.

Smart bench and smart material, called STERED, that can clean the air, reduce noise pollution, mitigate flooding and green our environment.

Intuitive Robotics
Oscar, a machine learning and computer vision integration for disposal units that diverts items away from landfills and oceans while also providing waste insights to create smarter zero waste buildings and cities.

Biometric products that are secure, convenient, and simple to use.

World-leading interactive smart table and touch sensor technology with lightning-fast response times and unlimited multi-touch ability.

NetraMark Corp
Applications designed to optimize learning through easy to use interfaces which allow for AI and human expertise to converge with real life solutions efficiently.

Rockbar Construction
Customized clean water solutions for a variety of property types.

Rover Parking
App connecting empty and unused parking spots with those looking for affordable and convenient parking.

A complete suite of monitoring and control solutions for boilers and electrically heated buildings.

Southwest Energy Inc
Supplier and installing contractor for mechanical and green energy solutions.

Premium electric vehicle charging stations.

Strawberry Energy
Solar-powered urban furniture for smart and sustainable cities.

Groundbreaking facility sensors to solve facility service challenges using IoT.

Gesture recognition startup that enables developers and creators to easily make their applications touchless.

Long-term visual data collection and extraction with a patent pending camera that does not run out of battery or memory and can be deployed anywhere.

Customized mobile platforms that connect hotel guests and condo users to the amenities and services of their building.

“There is a lot of smart talent in Toronto, creating the tools that will further meet the needs of sustainable smart cities, now and in the future,” said Michael Kolm, Chief Transformation Officer, City of Toronto. “This initiative is a great opportunity to support local innovators in developing solutions that may benefit residents, businesses and communities through smart technology.”

Top innovators were selected in collaboration with UPPlift: Toronto sponsors and leading experts in technology, innovation and city building. Criteria to advance to the Urban Pilot Prep included innovation, impact and viability of the solutions. The innovations that best suit the City of Toronto and QuadReal Property Group test-bed properties will be chosen to explore a pilot in May 2018 and commercialisation assistance will be offered to enhance their progress. Successful pilots and all submissions will be considered for implementation in international cities as the UPPlift platform expands.

About UPPlift
UPPlift is an urban pilot platform (UPP) designed and delivered by Urban Living Futures Inc. The platform identifies innovations and facilitates live demonstrations of technologies aimed at resolving challenges in the built environment, ensuring asset owners and managers achieve cost savings, improved operations and enhanced experiences for their users. The process creates a living lab in the host city, attracting and retaining an innovator ecosystem, and facilitating deployment of “smart” and resource-efficiency technology into the city’s infrastructure and built assets.

About Urban Living Futures Inc.
Urban Living Futures Inc. designs and delivers innovation programs creating convergence between urban innovators (supply) and built asset owners/managers (demand) to create efficiencies and enhanced user experience with smart technologies. We bring together private sector companies, city authorities and global technology leaders and harness their support to help innovators pilot and ultimately commercialize emergent technology.

Zonetail Launching New Mobile Marketing Tool For Local Businesses To Target Millions of Unsatisfied Travellers

Zonetail Is Bringing Great Travel Back By Giving Travellers Not Only Access To Hotel Details But Real, Authentic, Local Information and Businesses

September 26, 2016 (Monrovia, C.A.) – Zonetail Inc. (Zonetail) is currently launching its first consumer facing app to help travellers find great, cool, interesting, local stuff in every city they travel to.

Travel has changed. When you travel these days, it’s not like it used to be. “Let’s face it, it’s a marathon of hope. Getting to the airport, endless check-in lines, sporadically-working check-in kiosks, and don’t forget to take off your shoes, belt, empty your pockets, remove your laptop, place your hands in the air and say “I give up!” says Jeff Plowman, Chief Marketing Officer. When you make it to your destination, and it’s a city you’ve never been to, you don’t just check into the hotel, you check into the city. When the team at Zonetail uncovered that insight, they realized that they could help travellers while at the same time help the local, small businesses in a city connect with these travellers. It was the intersection of traveller, local business and hotel that made sense.

The mobile platform connects guests to the amenities and services of the hotel through the convenience of their own smart phone – they can check in, interact with front desk and concierge, make housekeeping requests, in fact anything they had to use the in-room phone for or by visiting front desk or concierge in person can now be accomplished through the convenience of their own smart phone. We’ve digitized the entire communication process between the hotel and the guest, dramatically improving the entire guest experience. Included on the platform is an ‘Explore’ section where we promote the local businesses in the area that the guests are looking for, be it restaurants, attractions, shops and other specialty services. The Destination Marketing Association International, as reported by Meinders School of Business in Oklahoma City mentions average convention and trade show attendees spending $290 a day, in the local economy. This likely is on meals, shopping, services and events.

Businesses can now tap into this market in a very powerful and compelling way. It’s also fully trackable to show businesses their return on investment. In addition, Zonetail is also helping the hotel brands, and owner/operators. “Over the past few years, there has been a very significant shift in the hospitality ecosystem. Hotels rely heavily on online travel agencies to get ‘heads in beds’, says Mark Holmes, CEO. This has produced a new strategic segment in the industry whose market penetration and power has become formidable. “To that end, Zonetail wants to help the brands and the owner/operators by driving direct bookings through the app, at 0% commission,” says Holmes.

Currently Zonetail is launching the platform in Oklahoma City in partnership with AAHOA. AAHOA is the Asian American Hotel Owners Association and its members own 25,000 hotels from coast to coast, totalling 50% of the U.S. hotel market. The roll out will target other large markets across the U.S. over the coming weeks.

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About Zonetail

Zonetail is a mobile technology company that provides an anchored local mobile platform, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services, and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with more than 25,000 hotels, and is expanding its offering worldwide. For more information, visit www.zonetail.com.



For additional information:

Mark Holmes

C.E.O. Zonetail

416.583.3773 ext. 228


Zonetail Signs Agreement with Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) to Launch a Global Mobile Solution Featuring AAHOA’s 15,000 Hotelier Members

May 11, 2016 (Toronto, ON)

AAHOA President & CEO Chip Rogers to Join Zonetail’s Board of Directors

Zonetail Inc. (“Zonetail”), a mobile technology company and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Inc. (“AAHOA”) are launching a single, one-app platform which will be named “Zonetail” and will feature AAHOA’s 15,000 hotel members along with Zonetail’s other hotel clients worldwide. This platform will connect hotel guests to the amenities and services of their hotel through the convenience of their own mobile device and offers hotels new service options to increase revenues and customer engagement. Guests can select their hotel destination and the app will “reskin” (tailor the content) to provide information and connectivity to any Zonetail-supported hotel worldwide. All local area information on attractions, events, dining and shopping will be provided. The app will drive direct bookings, avoiding the substantial commissions charged by the online travel agencies, increase incremental revenue, decrease operating costs, build loyalty and enhance the entire guest experience.

“We believe Zonetail is uniquely positioned to become the mobile application of choice for hoteliers. Zonetail’s product quality and earnings potential for hotel owners make Zonetail the natural leader in this market segment. We are extremely pleased to conclude a partnership with them as we are of the view that Zonetail’s “anchored local” approach will serve our members well. I am delighted to accept a position on the Zonetail Board of Directors and I look forward to helping the Company grow into a recognized leader in the hospitality technology solutions space” said Chip Rogers, President & CEO, AAHOA.

“Our agreement with AAHOA is a major milestone for Zonetail in its efforts to substantially expand our hotel client base in North America. We are thrilled to partner with such an influential and prestigious voice in the hotel industry and to work with its members. I would like to welcome AAHOA’s President & CEO, Chip Rogers, to Zonetail’s board of directors. He will be an invaluable partner as Zonetail continues to provide services to the rapidly evolving hotel market” stated Mark Holmes, Zonetail’s President & CEO.

About Asian American Hotel Owners Association: Founded in 1989, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Inc. (AAHOA) is the largest hotel owners association in the world, with over 15,000 members. AAHOA members own more than 25,000 hotels amounting to approximately 50 percent of all hotels in the United States and employ nearly 700,000 workers, accounting for over $10 billion in payroll. For more information visit www.aahoa.com.

About Zonetail: Zonetail is a mobile technology company that provides an anchored local mobile platform, custom-branded to hotels, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with more than 25,000 hotels as well as over 1,800 condominium buildings.

For more information, visit www.zonetail.com.

For additional information:

Beverly Brooks
President, Brooks Communications
416 482 8889

Smith Micro and Zonetail to Deliver Personalized Guest Engagement with Contextual Mobile Marketing in Hospitality Apps

ALISO VIEJO, CA – February 2, 2016

Analysts project mobile advertising will surpass $100 billion in 2016, and account for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure. As a result, mobile spam is on the rise, and effectively engaging customers through mobile is increasingly difficult for B2C companies.  To combat this challenge, and improve mobile marketing in hospitality, Zonetail will deploy NetWise Captivate from Smith Micro (NASDAQ: SMSI).  The new solution will enhance Zonetail’s apps used by hotels and condos to connect guests and residents to onsite amenities and local businesses. The NetWise Captivate platform will add real-time context, predictive customer profiling, and a deep understanding of consumer intent to Zonetail’s ‘anchored local’ mobile platform.

Using the insights gleaned through NetWise Captivate, hotels will be able to provide customized mobile notifications, offer timely virtual assistance, and deliver relevant promotions to guests, creating a truly personalized customer experience. By combining location detection with back office data and other real-time contextual triggers, engagement can occur throughout the customer journey, from the time booking occurs, throughout the visit, and even after the guest leaves with a mobile survey prompting for feedback. 

“We chose to work with Smith Micro because of their long-standing legacy as a leader in wireless technology and expert knowledge of embedded mobile software,” said Mark Holmes, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zonetail. “The NetWise Captivate solution gives us the ability to capture behavior-based consumer data from smartphones to enhance our anchored local platform with intelligent, personalized marketing engagement.”

“NetWise Captivate is a perfect complement to Zonetail’s platform, adding sophisticated device analytics and triggers to precisely target guests with the right information or offers at the right time,” said Carla Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer at Smith Micro. “We’re excited to help Zonetail deliver the type of personalized engagement that every industry needs to foster brand loyalty and build valuable, long-term customer relationships.”

Zonetail will begin deploying the NetWise Captivate solution within its mobile apps for a select group of hotel and condo properties in the second quarter of 2016, with further rollouts of the technology expected throughout the year. For more information about NetWise Captivate in the hospitality industry, download a whitepaper here: http://smsi.me/1JezIBY

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.: Smith Micro provides software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience. As the leader in wireless connectivity, our applications ensure the best Quality of Experience for mobile users while optimizing networks for service providers and enterprises.  Using our intelligent policy-on-device platform, along with premium voice, video and content monetization services, we create new opportunities to engage consumers and capitalize on the growth of connected devices.  For more information, visit smithmicro.com. (NASDAQ: SMSI)

About Zonetail: Zonetail is a free mobile app and platform, custom-branded to hotels, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with more than 200 hotel properties across North America and three offshore hotels, as well as over 1,800 condominium buildings. For more information, visit www.zonetail.com

Safe Harbor Statement: This release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, forward-looking statements relating to the company’s financial prospects and projections, the company’s ability to increase its business, and the anticipated timing and financial performance of new products. Among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements are new and changing technologies, customer acceptance of those technologies, fluctuations or cancellations in orders from customers, new and continuing adverse economic conditions, and the company’s ability to compete effectively with other software companies. These and other factors discussed in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its filings on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, could cause actual results to differ materially from those presented in any forward-looking statements. Smith Micro assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release.

Smith Micro and the Smith Micro logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Smith Micro and any other company.

– See more at: http://www.smithmicro.com/company/news-room/press-releases/2016/02/02/smith-micro-and-zonetail-to-deliver-personalized-guest-engagement-with-contextual-mobile-marketing-in-hospitality-apps#sthash.UTl3ehVc.dpuf

Find Local Hotels and Businesses With Zonetail

TORONTO, ON–(Go Nomad – Nov 23, 2015)

Priding themselves on what they call ‘anchored local’, Zonetail provides property information, access, interaction and contextually relevant content about the surrounding neighborhood for any traveler looking for more information or places to visit in the area.

“Zonetail is the world’s first free mobile app and platform, custom branded to hotels, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood,” according to a Zonetail press release.

Pull out your smart technology and download one of the many free apps the company offers with a click of a button and find information on hotels, condos, property amenities, restaurants, stores, services, entertainment and attractions all nearby with location services to identify where you are on a map.

I downloaded the Baymont Inn & Suites Zonetail app and had the option of searching hotel information with a provided link to make a reservation and a list of front desk and hotel amenities and services from the fitness center, if you’re feeling brave on a vacation, to dry cleaning which is offered on site.

With the Explore page, I searched through attractions, shopping, take out and restaurants all in the area with location services turned on in my settings.

The company launched in 2013 with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Palo Alto, California. The app is available worldwide with 100 hotel partners evenly split between the US and Canada with a few offshore. Zonetail recently signed 1,800 condominium buildings, which includes 35% of the Greater Toronto Area market, according to President and CEO Mark Holmes.

Tom Tittel, Vice President of Operations of Silverbirch Hotels, started using Zonetail in 2014. “The app immediately provided us with mobile identity and incredibly simple access for our guests to make everything from reservations, general enquiries, special requests and to feel comfortable in the downtown neighborhood while using customized features of the Zonetail app,” said Tittel.

Holmes brings fifteen years of experience to the company after owning and managing Kingsway Agencies, the birthplace of Zonetail. Kingsway Agencies began in 1960 and offered sliding devices to attach to hotel guest phones displaying hotel information, amenities and services, as well as local area advertising. Zonetail is the modern version of the business with targeted sponsored content on a free mobile platform.

“Anything they [travelers] used to have to do through a landline or at the front desk they can now do on their own phone whenever they want and from wherever they are,” said Holmes. “Location-based apps such as Yelp, and Trip Advisor provide unstructured, general area information. Zonetail is anchored to the places where people live, stay, work, and congregate.”

When I searched Zonetail on my IPhone, the list of apps seemed to go on forever. From Cambridge Suites Toronto to the Quality Inn Pooler Savannah to Port Inn Portsmouth, hotels and attractions from places all across the country and Canada are listed in a number of different Zonetail apps. I find that rather than downloading a new hotel or condo brand’s app each time, the information would be easier and much more convenient if it were all in one.

With the company’s content management system, hotels and condos can load content onto their app in real time. Advertisers can change any content by day, for a specific occasion or whenever they want to take ‘advantage of contextual relevance and time-sensitivity’ with the system.

“You could almost say it [the app] represents the digital version of a comprehensive in room guest directory, right in the palm of the guest,” said Tittel. “The bonus features such as maps, attractions, local favorites and the ability to make future reservations top it off.” The easy-to-use app, creative team members, no cost to produce and maintain the page and positive reviews from guests is what makes joining Zonetail well-worth it for Tittel.

Zonetail is working to establish and own the anchored local category and grow the company into a ubiquitous presence across the hotel and condo market.

The most rewarding part of it all for Holmes has been seeing the idea of ‘anchored local’ become reality, “Taking what we believe to be a solid human insight and need, building a product to fulfill that need and watching interest grow throughout North America,” he said.

Zonetail Secures Series A Financing for Hotel App

TORONTO, ON–(Hotel Business – Sept 17, 2015)

App developer and tech startup Zonetail Inc. (Zonetail) has raised roughly $1.7 million in Series A financing through private investors. The round of financing will help further develop its “anchored local” white-label hotel app, and grow its market and revenue.

Zonetail is a free mobile app and platform, custom-branded to hotels, which connects guests to the full range of hotel services and businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. The app platform taps into people’s desire to travel to new cities, but to shop, dine, and explore like a local, according to the company. According to a 2014 Trip Barometer survey, 90% of U.S. travelers use their mobile phones when vacationing. Further, 62% used it to search for restaurants, 52% to look for activities, and 62% to search for hotels.

To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with more than 100 hotel properties in 10 Canadian provinces and 15 U.S. states, including three offshore hotels. The company is also in negotiations with major international hotel chains to launch the app on a chain-wide basis, according to the company.

The app is free for hotels to use, with revenue streams coming from retail advertising from the surrounding area.

Zonetail Raises $2.3 Million Series A to Help Travellers Live Like Locals

TORONTO, ON–(Tech Vibes – Sept 15, 2015)

App developer Zonetail has raised capital.

The Toronto startup has secured $2.3 million in Series A financing through private investors. The financing will help the Canadian company further develop its “anchored local” white-label hotel app, it says.

“People don’t just check into a hotel, they check into the neighbourhood of a city,” said Mark Holmes, CEO, Zonetail. “Most of people’s lives, whether at home or traveling, are spent within five miles of their home base. By organizing the information that matters most to them, we are saving them time, and making their experience more rewarding.”

The app platform taps into people’s desire to travel to new cities, but to shop, dine, and explore like a local.

To date, Zonetail has signed agreements with more than 100 hotel properties in 10 Canadian provinces and 15 U.S. states, including three offshore hotels.

The app is free for hotels to use, with revenue streams coming from retail advertising from the surrounding area.

While it was launched as a hotel app, the Zonetail platform can be applied to any location where people live, work, stay, or congregate. Future plans include servicing condos, office towers, and large-scale events, among others.

The company was founded in 2013.

Zonetail On TME – The Modern Eater

TORONTO, ON–(The Modern Eater- Aug 10, 2015)

Mark Holmes from Zonetail joins Greg Hollenback and Jesper Jonsson on the Modern Eater to talk about their hotel app.