Zonetail services multi-family residential and condominiums, enabling residents to easily interact with the property manager, book building amenities, receive push notifications, create and track maintenance requests, and much more.

Our app streamlines the communication process between property management and residents, saving you both time and money.

Zonetail is integrated with many leading property management software providers.


Zonetail provides residents real time access to everything within their building all at the touch of a screen. Creating service requests, contacting your property manager, community news and activity feeds and even the ability to book building amenities like the elevator and visitor parking, all in the palm of your hand.

But people don’t just live in a building, they live in a neighborhood. That's why we introduced a marketplace, that connects you to local stores, services, and deals in the neighborhood.


The Zonetail Marketplace gives you a unique opportunity to actively market your goods and services to an engaged local audience. By bringing a unique combination of national and regional partners along with a heavy emphasis on local content, residents feel more connected and invested in their community and neighborhood.

There are few better ways to reach high-rise residents. Actually, there aren’t any. Zonetail provides targeted access to an engaged audience at a fraction of the cost of any other method.


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