Anchored local.Location-based mobile technology actually based on where people live or stay. And if you're wondering, yes we still work with hotels.

The majority of people’s lives are spent in and around places (often within 5 miles), whether that’s at home, work, or away at a hotel. (Yes, we still work with hotels!) There’s a need to organize information in and around these places saving people time and making the information more useful, accessible, and rewarding. That’s what Zonetail does. We call it ‘anchored local.’

Location-based apps such as Yelp, and Trip Advisor provide unstructured, general area information. Zonetail is anchored to the places where people live, stay, work, and congregate, providing property information, access, and interaction, while also providing contextually relevant, and targeted sponsored content in the surrounding neighborhood.

A new company with a 50-year history

Zonetail is the continuation of a legacy business, called Kingsway Agencies. Started in 1960, Kingsway was the oldest company in North America supplying hotels with in-room printed guest directories. All of the learning gained from over 50-years experience in the hospitality industry is in our pedigree. Packaged in an elegantly simple, and easy to use design, Zonetail is the modern remix of that business, and is the mobile solution hotels are looking for.

Zonetail’s management has decades of experience in hospitality marketing and digital technology.

Board of Directors

Paul Scott
Chairman of Zonetail, CEO KorvaLabs, Inc.

Mark Holmes
President and Chief Executive Officer

Chip Rogers
CEO & President of American Hotel and Lodging Association

Geoffrey Gelb
President of FintechGelb

Errol Farr

David Oliver
Founder, Strategic Hospitality Services Inc. (former VP Carlson Rezidor)

Advisory Board

Anthony Cohen
Founder & CEO of Global Edge Investments, Executive VP & Partner of Crescent Hotels and Resorts

Asif Khan
Founder, Location Based Marketing Association

David U.K.
CEO of Cue Digital Media

Tom Tittel
President at Innspiring Hospitality Solutions