Career Opportunities

The majority of people’s lives are spent in and around places, whether that’s at home, work, or away at a hotel. There’s a need to organize information in and around these places saving people time and making the information more useful, accessible, and rewarding. That’s what Zonetail does. We call it ‘anchored local.’

Needless to say, the people here are jacked about the opportunity of creating a mobile experience that’s great, useful, and fun.

If Zonetail is anything, it’s about the people who work here.

We don’t believe in diversity for the sake of appearances. We believe in merit, and merit can be created by anyone with passion. It’s the epitome of diversity. We also believe in equal opportunity amongst those who are inspired, talented, smart, nice, and are willing to bring that to work everyday. Mongrels, misfits, and crazies included.


What can you bring to the party?

Engineering   Design Product   Sales      Operations Expansion
Business Development Finance/Accounting   Marketing Data Science