Zonetail provides hotel guests and condo residents access and interaction with property amenities and services. This is combined with our unique ‘Explore’ section, featuring contextually relevant sponsored content from local restaurants, stores, services, entertainment, and attractions.

Contextually relevant ads through Zonetail’s
unique content management system.

“The thinking has been that mobile is digital, desktop is digital, so let’s translate…but mobile devices are completely different, because mobile users expect “contextual relevancy for all their experiences.” – Forrester Research

Zonetail mobile ads are vital
to the user experience.

“The two axes [of effective mobile ads] are formats that are deeply integrated into the user’s experience and ads that are highly targeted to the individual.” – Forrester Research

“We recently conducted a study and found that 4 out of 5 consumers want search ads to be customized to their city, zip code, or immediate surroundings. This is a big opportunity for business to provide their customers with genuinely useful information, at the moment it matters.” – Jason Spero, head of performance media, Google


Direct to hotel guest and condo resident advertising
Directly reach hotel guests and condo residents in your area with your branded message and deal.

Control the ad content in real-time.
Change your message by day part, occasion or whenever you want. Take advantage of contextual relevance and time-sensitivity with Zonetail’s unique ad content management system.

Creative asset management.
Store, reuse, edit, and schedule on the same platform you create your ads.

Simple design, lots of real estate.
Each ad is two full screen pages, including a gallery with up to 5 pictures.

GPS map to your location.
No matter where the customer is, they know how to get to your location.

Push messages and integration with loyalty programs.
With user permission, serve up personalized, valuable, and timely offers to the front of their phone.


“I’ve stayed in over 500 hotels around the world and without a doubt the best service I can receive is quality advice about the surrounding area. Often the first day in a place can be spent online, flicking through generic guide books and even then you’re just hoping that you got it right. If the hotel can offer you first-hand advice on what to see/where to go then the guests are guaranteed a great time.” – Tom Colby, travel writer

“58% of consumers’ travel budgets are earmarked for in-trip expenditures. The path to a larger share of these budgets is increasingly mobile.” – Skift and Adobe ‘Travel Brands in a Multi-Screen World’ 2015

Try it out. You could be boosting sales today.